Hi my name is Scott Stewart.  I live at a home through residential support services.  I came to them after I had a stroke and I was greeted by caring staff.  They helped me adjust to my new life there and were very patient with me.  Staff Teri Reichert worked with me 5 days a week with exercises to get me up walking and out of a scooter and wheel chair.  Lead staff Bonnie Lindberg was there on weekends to do the same and is a very strong and caring advocate for all of us here in this home.  All people here and at other homes are cared by the most caring and special people in the world.  If it weren’t for residential support service and their staff who work at the homes there would be more of us on the streets with no place to live.

Please come and apply to become one of the specialist people in the world who work and take care of us here at residential support services.  We all need you.  Call 248-4211 to set up an appointment or stop by the office at 2110 overland ave suite # 128.