Charles AKA “Sawdust” came to Residential Support Services (RSS) after graduating high school in Lame Deer, MT. Sawdust came to RSS when he was 18-years-old to get help with living independently. RSS also provides him with a day program where he can interact with peers from other homes or work for wages. He is also provided with an apartment, where he has one roommate.

Sawdust’s group home has staff on duty 24/7 to assist with daily needs. Such as preparing meals, washing laundry, helping him prepare for day program and reminding him to follow his routines; like hygiene. Sawdust likes the staff that he interacts with both at home and at his day program Options. He feels like staff cares about him and his needs. One of his favorite things that staff try to accommodate for him, is celebrating his culture by taking him to powwows when they can.

He really enjoys coming to Options 5 days a week. His favorite things about his day program are that he can socialize with his peers and work on art projects of his choosing. Sawdust is always willing to help make jewelry or tie-dye for the Creative Magnetic Artist jewelry shop that is a part of Options.

Sawdust resides at a group home just outside of Billings, Mt. When he is home he takes pleasure in socializing with his friends and neighbors. He likes that despite having a roommate, he still has his own space.

Sawdust seizes any opportunity to get out of the house. He enjoys going to “Mustang” games with his peers and staff. He likes to go to the lake to play in the water. He enjoys going fishing and for walks. One of his favorite outings to go on is to go out to eat.  Sawdust is also very active with Special Olympics. He plays basketball on a Special Olympics team during the fall and partakes in track during the spring.