Kristina came to Residential Support Services (RSS) in the fall of 2013. Before she came to our company to help her, she lived in a foster home. She was 53 years old when she came to us. She is now 58. Kristina came to RSS to have the staff to help her keep her independence.

RSS provides Kristina with an apartment, where she has one roommate. At her apartment, there is always staff on duty. Kristina enjoys that staff is there to help with tasks like cooking and cleaning. She feels like the staff truly cares for her and her needs. Kristina loves getting hugs and affection from the staff. She also likes that staff tries to keep things as fair as they can between the clients.

One of Kristina’s favorite things about RSS is the fact that the company tries to get the clients involved and out into the community as much as possible. Some of her favorite outings to go on are clothes shopping, movies, and camping trips. Kristina likes interacting with people both in and outside of the company. She has found that the dances and picnics, that are an open invitation to all the client and staff of RSS, are a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

RSS also provides daily transportation to and from Options for Kristina. Options is a day program that is run by RSS. Kristina has fun attending options. She finds pleasure in working on art projects and likes the participation in projects as an option.

One of the biggest things for Kristina that helps her feel important is her job. During the week, she spends the mornings working in the main RSS office as a secretary. Earning a steady paycheck helps Kristina feel independent.