Dewayne is a 36-year-old, male, client of Residential Support Services (RSS). He has explosive anger problems and came to RSS at the young age of 19. RSS provides Dewayne with a place to live that is staffed 24/7, a day program where he can interact with his peers and work for wages. And RSS also provides all transportation needs for their clients (ex: to work, appointments, and outings).

Dewayne truly enjoys the staff at RSS. He feels like they care about him and his needs. One of his favorite things about staff is that they joke around with him and make him laugh. He also enjoys socializing with the staff. Some of his favorite things to talk about are music, movies, and books.

Dewayne’s absolute favorite things that his group home staff do for him is community outings. He has spent a lot of time in the community this summer. He went to several baseball games, the lake a few times and the state fair.

Dewayne lives in one of RSS’s group homes just outside of Billings, MT. This group home is built up of several apartments with lots of common areas. Dewayne shares an apartment with one roommate. He enjoys the fact that he and his roommate don’t have to share their kitchen space or bathroom with anyone else. Though he does like that this group home is set up like its little community where he has lots of friends/neighbors.

We help our residents become more independent in the community with our “Person Centered” group home, nursing, day program, and transportation services.  To find out more about our programs or to get information on services, call us today at (406) 248-4211.