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RSS is a non-profit corporation that contracts with the State of Montana to provide training in all life skills and supervision of health and safety concerns of people who have a developmental disability.


SUPERVISOR: Medical Coordinator and/or Executive Director

MISSION STATEMENT: advocate for the quality and choices of life in a home environment for adults with a developmental disability resulting in self advocacy and independence in the least restrictive setting.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the supervision of the Medical coordinator, render nursing care to resident: observe and report symptoms and conditions: take and accurately record temperature, respiration, pulse, and blood pressure: assist in the administering of medications and record reactions: maintain records reflecting the residents’ condition: bathe and assist with meals: provide opportunities and training that leads to increased independence of the resident.

The person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current existing federal and state regulations and established company policies and procedures.


  1. Provide nursing care in accordance with Residential Support Services policies and procedures.
  2. Promote inter- and intra- departmental relationships.
  3. Prepare and administer medications according to procedure and be aware of pharmacologic and therapeutic effect.
  4. Record nursing information on resident’s medication and treatment records.
  5. Observe, report, and record resident reaction to drugs, tests, treatments, and therapeutic measures.
  6. Participate in professional staff development program.
  7. Participate in formal and informal staff development in-service programs.
  8. Inform Medical Coordinator of activities and condition of resident.
  9.  Assume responsibility for resident assigned to his/ her care.
  10.  Report incidents of suspected resident abuse/neglect or exploitation as mandated by the State of Montana Adult Protective Services and Residential Support Services policy.
  11. Perform related duties as assigned or as the situation dictates.
  12. Participates in resident programming following the PSP, written programs and documentation processes, to include behavioral intervention plans and proactive and reactive strategies.


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